What is Fundraising Software?

Volunteers learn what fundraising software is

Fulfilling the mission of your organization requires two elements: energetic and committed people and the financial resources to grow and fund your programs and services.

Fundraising software is a tool that helps your nonprofit manage information about supporters or all kinds: constituents, volunteers, members and donors. The best fundraising software helps activate supporters, by targeting the right people and nurturing relationships through effective communication. Most systems offer donation processing solutions, allowing supporters to donate online, in-person or even by mobile phone.

There are a lot of different fundraising software programs out there and this is why choosing the right fundraising software is so important. This website was created to help your nonprofit organization select the right tools to manage your fundraising efforts, and thus provide the resources to achieve your organization’s mission.

Does my nonprofit need fundraising software?

The right fundraising software can save your nonprofit organizations thousands of hours, increase your fundraising effectiveness and make it easier for your members and constituents to support your mission. The wrong package can be a financial and administrative drain on your organization. Our guide can help you understand what to look for when making your decision so that you choose a product that works for you. For instance, does your not for profit need to be mobile? Would you like an online fundraising software, which will let you access your information anywhere? What about pricing? Each nonprofit has a different technology budget.

Feel free to print any document that is useful in your search for fundraising software that fits your needs.

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